Hello EdWeb - SLC Webinar Attendees!

Six Key Ideas on the C3 Social Studies Standards and Repackaging Research!

Here is the handout in Word format so that if you want to use the planning guide, it is available.
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(Creative Common Attributions...)

Hello MAME and MRA Attendees! - Here are some handouts for tomorrow's sessions. They are also on the Edmodo site, but incase it's not accessible...here you go!


It was my pleasure to join you in Florida! For those who attended the pre-conference, listed below you will find the handouts in eForm.
Also, the Libraries Unlimited 20% discount code for any of my three books is: Q41620

Here is the PPT for Reading as a Springboard! :) Just for you, Dana!

So glad you joined us today for the NETA conference. The PDF's are uploaded to the conference site, but incase you want a Word, editable file, here are the conference handouts in that form:

'SO GLAD YOU joined us for our December 9th webinar on Innovative Reading Ideas!
Listed below are the few handout samples that were created for your downloading pleasure :)
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